Check out some of our alumni and where they are now!

Achala Punchi Hewage
Post Doctoral Fellow from 2020-2021
Now works at biotech company Amgen Pharmaceuticals
Favorite quote, “No, Matt.”
Saqib Faisal 
Post Doctoral Fellow January-May 2021
Currently working at biotech company Deciphera Pharmaceuticals 
Favorite Saqib quote, “… that’s suspicious.” 
Nicholas Campbell
REU scholar summer 2021
Attending graduate school at the University of Florida
Favorite quote, *singing*

Rachel Walton
Undergraduate Research Assistant 2021-2022
Working in the fibers lab at General Mills
Lover of raccoons and all woodland animals
Michel Evertsen
REU scholar Summer 2022
Finishing his B.S in Biochemistry at Grand View University
Hobbies include snoozing his alarm
Ranjeet Dhokale
PostDoctoral Researcher October-December 2023
Currently works in industry

Rashmi Binjawadagi
Graduate Research Assistant
B.Sc degree from Karanataka University
MS Chemistry University of Akron
Loves listening to Carnatic music