What We Do

Welcome to the Hartley laboratory located at the University of Kansas in the Chemistry Department! We are a multidisciplinary lab at the interface of chemistry and biology exploring the roles of hormones and lipids in neurological physiology and pathophysiology.

Summer of New Beginnings

As well as taking new precautions and measures to stay safe, the Hartley lab is beginning the long awaited opening of their laboratory space. Crucial experimental reagents are coming in as fast as we can make space for them! The lab team will be ready to attack OPC differentiation in no time.

Welcome to The Research of Dr Meredith Hartley

COVID-19 has done its best to halt our efforts, but scientific inquiry never stops. Dr Hartley’s lab has many focuses that overall relate to finding unknown lipid metabolism pathways related to re-myelination that we hope will shed light on new treatments for neurodegenerative disorders like MS.