Lab Members

All Hartley Lab members are passionate about their work, but they also enjoy a life outside of academics. Read their bios and get to know them better.

Dr. Meredith Hartley
Assistant Professor
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Advisor: Barbara Imperiali
Postdoc, Oregon Heath and Science University Advisor: Thomas Scanlan
AB Dartmouth College
Fueled by iced tea and dark chocolate
Nishama De Silva Mohotti (she/her/hers)
PhD Candidate
B.Sc. Chemistry University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.
If allowed an unlimited supply of anything it would be french fries.
Matt Zupan (he/him/his)
PhD Candidate
B.Sc. Bio-Organic Chemistry McGill University
Only waters his plants when procrastinating
Jenna Williams (sher/her/hers)
B.Sc. Chemistry Missouri State University
PhD Student
Priorities include, but are not limited to, cats and oat milk
Disni Dedunupitiya (She/Her/Hers)
B.Sc. Chemistry, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
PhD Student
Dancing  keeps her sane
Ziyu Zhu (he/him/his)
B.Sc. Biological Chemistry, Hubei University, Wuhan, China
PhD Candidate
Cat dad, professional foodie, and amateur cyclist
Esther Holt
B.Sc Biochemistry, Coastal Carolina University
PhD Candidate
Has three large dogs
Hiroko Kobayashi (prefers use of name)
Human Bio, Behavioral Neuro, and Human Sexuality
Research Technician
Practices the art of paper-cutting to prepare for future surgeries
Ilia Parish (she/her/hers)
BS Biochemistry
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Loves to read, work on her art, and eat nan bread
Ethan Christ (he/him/his)
BS Biochemistry and Anthropology
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Is president of every club on KU campus
Elanie Vanderweide
BS Chemistry
Undergraduate Research Assistant
CEO of Procrastination

Katie Van Beber (she/her/hers)
BS Biochemistry with Spanish minor
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Slight obsession with Squishmallows
Becca Jones (she/her/hers)
BS Behavioral Neuroscience and Chemistry
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Dreams of unlimited chips and queso
Liz Arends (she/her/hers)
BA Biochemistry and Spanish
Undergraduate Research Assistant/website creator
Willing to debate the 9th episode of Star Wars was the best one