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Some Good News!

The lab celebrates Ziyu passing his orals!! Congrats Ziyu!

Matthew earns award for presentation at the Chemical Biology Symposium. Seen here with auspicious speaker Nozomi Ando and PhD student organizer Esther Holt.

Our very own Matthew Zupan passes Orals!!

Meredith Hartley Presents for the American Thyroid Association in Montreal

Tracy Appelhanz collaborates with the Hartley Lab through the NSF RET IDEA-BioE program!

Ilia Parish receives the Bricker Summer ChemScholar Award!

Liz Arends wins two Undergraduate Research Awards!

Welcome To Our New REU Student Michel Evertsen!

Ziyu Presents At The Genomic Symposium At KU

Congratulations To Those Recognized By The KU Department of Chemistry For Excellence 2022

Jenna became a Higuchi Summer Scholar and also earned The Adrienne Hiscox Scholarship

Rashmi earned the Kennith and Gertrude Marsi Scholarship

Rachel earned the Chemistry Department Scholarship Award

Nishama Passes Her Oral Examinations With Flying Colors 2022

Great Work And Good Luck To Graduating Seniors Hiroko And Rachel! 2022

Congratulations to Dr Hartley For Her Beautiful Baby Boy! 2021

We Are Excited To Host Nicholas Campbell, Our REU Summer Scholar, To The Hartley Lab 2021

Congratulations Two-Fold to Nishama on Receiving The Charles & Beatrice Kulier Scholarship Award, But Also Being a Marsi Summer Scholar! 2021

We Congratulate Postdoc Saqib Faisal on a New Job at Deciphera! 2021

The Hartley Lab Welcomes UGRA Hiroko and Post Doc Saqib 2021

The Hartley Lab Welcomes Graduate Student Jenna 2020

Hartley Lab’s Own Rashmi Binjawadagi Gets Accepted as Graduate Student! 2020

Lab Team Heads to South Park to Safely Enjoy The Weather 2020

Lab Member Matt Zupan Named Trainee on NIH Chemistry and Biology Training Grant 2020

Dr Hartley Awarded Research Grant from the American Thyroid Association 2020

Hartley Lab Opens; Lab Members Get the Ball Rolling! 2020

Sobetirome, The Drug Dr Hartley Researched in Her Post Doctoral Work, Moves into Clinical Trials June 2020

Dr Hartley‘s Publication Selected as Postdoctoral Paper of the Year 2019

Watch Dr Hartley Explain her Strategy for Correcting Abnormality in X-ALD 2017