Check out previous research published by Dr. Hartley during her PhD and postdoc! 

Postdoc Publications

12. Pharmacological Complementation Remedies an Inborn Error of Lipid Metabolism. May 2020

11. Myelin repair stimulated by CNS-selective thyroid hormone action. April 2019

10. Sobetirome and its Amide Prodrug Sob-AM2 Exert Thyromimetic Actions in Mct8-Deficient Brain. June 2018

9. A Thyroid Hormone-Based Strategy for Correcting the Biochemical Abnormality in X-Linked Adrenoleukodystrophy. May 2017

8. Ester-to-amide rearrangement of ethanolamine-derived prodrugs of sobetirome with increased blood-brain barrier penetration. May 2017

7. Sobetirome prodrug esters with enhanced blood-brain barrier permeability Nov 2016

6. Remyelination and multiple sclerosis: therapeutic approaches and challenges Aug 2014

PhD Publications

5. Lipid bilayer nanodisc platform for investigating polyprenol-dependent enzyme interactions and activities.

4. At the membrane frontier: a prospectus on the remarkable evolutionary conservation of polyprenols and polyprenyl-phosphates.   January 2012

3. Biochemical characterization of the O-linked glycosylation pathway in Neisseria gonorrhoeae responsible for biosynthesis of protein glycans containing N,N’-diacetylbacillosamine March 2011

2. Genetic and molecular analyses reveal an evolutionary trajectory for glycan synthesis in a bacterial protein glycosylation system. May 2011

  1. Chemoenzymatic synthesis of polyprenyl phosphates Mar 2008